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Our Fun Squad


Our Fun Squad

Our “Fun Squad” Knows How to Have Fun

…and How to Build Business!

Starlite Family Fun Center is a family entertainment franchise concept with impressive market experience, a history of fun, and a commitment to excellence, all backed by a seasoned management team.

The concept of Starlite Family Fun Center was inspired by the roller skating rinks
run by our founding family more than 35 years ago. Over the years, the roller rink model evolved into our current Starlite Family Fun Center prototype, which includes multiple entertainment options all under one roof.

Since our first modern multi-feature center opened back in 1993 in Stockbridge, GA, we haven’t stopped growing.

Best of all, for you as a Starlite Family Fun Center franchise owner, our dedicated team brings years of experience to the table, including ample expertise in:

  • Real estate development and construction
  • Finance, business development, and software tools
  • Center décor, build-out, lighting and sound systems
  • Special events, STEM programs, group events management

…and so much more!

Join us, and take advantage of all the knowledge and training we can provide you in your local business. Together we can make Starlite Family Fun Center a nationwide

Join the Fun, Invest in Your Community, and Build Your Future!

Don't let this opportunity skate
past you. Learn more now!


    Sky-High Opportunity
    in an Exciting Market

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