What Are Some of the Perks of Your Starlite Investment?

When you invest anything — whether it be time, energy, or money — into something, you want to feel like you’re making the right move. Sometimes, an investment doesn’t amount to much. Other times, it can pay off in ways you might not have imagined. A little research will quickly reveal that a Starlite franchise opportunity is a great way to break into an industry that continues to grow. But what does that opportunity consist of? What does your investment get you? Let’s take a brief look, here.

Multiple Revenue Streams Mean More Fun

Let’s face it, you can’t have too much fun — and that’s certainly not possible when you open your Starlite Family Fun Center doors. Your community will quickly realize that if they’re in the mood for wholesome, old-fashioned, and affordable family-friendly activities, all under one roof, then Starlite is the place to be. Whether it be roller skating (and all its extras like rentals, purchases, and lessons), arcade games, laser tag, or our safe indoor playgrounds perfect for younger family members, there is something for everyone at Starlite.  You’ll also be able to offer hungry customers some good old-fashioned fare from a menu of meals and snacks that includes hamburgers, hotdogs, fries, soft pretzels, popcorn, funnel cakes and more. And when your customers are ready to celebrate a birthday, graduation, retirement, or some other special occasion, they can choose from a suite of themed party options guaranteed to fit every budget and meet every need.  All these revenue streams will be available to you when you invest in the Starlite brand of fun.

The Power of the Fun Squad

When the Starlite franchise opportunity began over 35 years ago as our first family-run skating rink, it paved the way for a proven business model that not only includes multiple revenue streams, but a team of franchise experts — the Fun Squad — who will train you to capitalize on every one of them. When you invest in Starlite, we’ll provide you with complete pre-opening training programs held at our corporate facilities, advice on site selection, equipment, and build-out, and give you complete access to our confidential operations manual that details everything you need to know about running your fun center successfully on a daily basis. After your fun center doors open, you’ll receive ongoing assistance from us, in the way of field visits, refresher training, and remote support, to keep you fully prepared to take advantage of your investment. In short, when you join the Starlite family, you won’t go it alone, and it’s an important distinction that separates us from other fun franchise opportunities.

Sometimes, you don’t know the value of something until you’ve experienced it, and when you decide to invest in the Starlite franchise opportunity, you’ll quickly appreciate everything that comes with your investment.

If you’re ready to learn more about what an investment in Starlite looks like, get in touch with us today.

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