Three Things to Know Before You Open a Family Entertainment Franchise

If you’re like a lot of people, you’re thinking that a franchise opportunity is a great way to go into business for yourself. Franchising is a terrific way to make your living, be your own boss, and enjoy the freedom of being an employer instead of an employee. When you open a family entertainment franchise with Starlite Family Fun Centers, you’re taking advantage of a growing industry that’s focused on — you guessed it — fun and family! So, let’s look at three important facts about franchises in general, and how a franchise opportunity with Starlite allows you make the most of them.

Franchising is Less Risky Than Starting from Scratch

When you go into business for yourself, you begin an exciting and challenging journey that will have peaks and valleys, rewards and frustrations. But the risks involved when you start your own business are substantially less as a franchisee than they would be if you start from scratch. That’s because successful franchises like Starlite are built on unique business models that have been tested over time and come with built-in brand awareness and support. At Starlite, we’ve worked hard for 35 years to grow our name and expand what our fun centers have to offer.  We know what works and what doesn’t, which takes a lot of the guesswork out of owning and operating your business. And less guesswork means you can focus more on growth and success.

open a family entertainment franchise + Starlite

You Don’t Need Experience to Open a Family Entertainment Franchise

You might think you’d need experience to open a family entertainment franchise, but when you partner with Starlite Family Fun Centers, that couldn’t be further from the truth! Our franchisees come to us from all backgrounds, with all kinds of work experience, and when you become part of the Starlite family, you immediately get access to unparalleled training and support. You’ll get access to pre-opening training programs, confidential operations manuals, professional marketing guidance, materials, and brand presence, and advice on site selection, equipment, construction and build-out, among many other perks. We know our brand is only as successful as our franchisees, so we make sure to provide support that can only come when you partner with a company like ours.

Establishing Important Business Relationships Happens Faster!

Unfortunately, when you start a business from scratch, it can take years to build important third-party vendor relationships that are critical to your success. Marketers, suppliers, and technicians are examples of the kinds of outside expertise you’ll need to rely on to keep your business running smoothly. Luckily, when you become a Starlite franchise partner, you’ll instantly enjoy the benefits of the many vendor relationships we’ve built over the last 35 years. Our experts become your experts, which means you can count on the knowledge and experience of others to help you navigate the exciting challenges of business ownership.

When you open a family entertainment franchise with Starlite Family Fun Center, you’ll be taking advantage of everything that franchising has to offer — and more! Contact us today for more information.