Starlite: The Fun Franchise!

If you’re interested in owning a franchise business and you’ve done some research, you know there are lots of franchise opportunities out there that appeal to a variety of investors for a variety of reasons. But if you’re one of those investors looking specifically for fun franchise opportunities, your search is over. At Starlite Family Fun Center, the fun is right there in our name! We specialize in creating entertaining, wholesome, and family-friendly environments that let kids be kids — and adults be kids, too!

Let’s take a look at some of the special Starlite attractions you’ll be able to offer your community when you franchise with us.


Roller Skating for All Ages

Over 35 years ago, our founding family started managing the roller skating rinks that would later become the inspiration for our franchise model. That means we know a thing or two about skating! Today, our locations boast genuine maple hardwood floors that make for smooth going, and as a franchisee you’ll be able to provide your customers of all ages lessons that will get them up to speed and ready for some old-fashioned fun! With our skating rinks, you’ll be proud to offer folks a beloved and wholesome experience that’s not just entertaining, but heart-healthy as well!

family franchise opportunity

Playgrounds for the Younger Members of the Family

As a Starlite franchisee, you’ll also be able to offer the smaller members of a family the chance to jump, swing, slide, and bounce in our safe indoor playgrounds. Younger children will love the two stories of fun colors and variety, while parents will enjoy the peace of mind that comes with soft surfaces and indoor activities that are protected from the elements and that are easy to supervise.

Arcade Fun

Really, when it comes to fun franchise opportunities, you won’t find a better one than Starlite, and that’s because we offer such a variety of ways that families can come together and play! One of our most popular Starlite attractions found at each one of our locations is the arcade area. Here’s where your customers can choose from dozens of video and redemption games that provide hours of entertainment for both young and old alike. And when game tickets are redeemed for cool toys and prizes at our Stuff Shop, your customers not only go home with wonderful memories, but a souvenir of their Starlite experience.

Happy Birthday Parties and Packages

Our birthday parties are second-to-none! You’ll be able to truly personalize your customers’ Starlite experience when they choose from a variety of themed packages that include all sorts of goodies like pizza slices, sodas, game cards, and Starlite activities! Our locations are also available for private events and fundraising, with group rates that make rentals economical, unique, and convenient.

When you think about it, there aren’t many jobs out there where fun and business meet. But a Starlite Family Fun Center is a great way to bring them both together, under one family-friendly roof!

If you’d like to learn more about what fun franchise opportunities look like and how you can become part of the industry, contact us today!