Skating is Still Good Old Fashioned Fun in a Modern Day World

Many of us have childhood memories of roller skates, whether we were the ones wearing them or not. We associate roller skates with good clean fun, with times gone by, and with wholesome family values. Today, you might be happy to know that while the pastime of roller skating is an old and established one, it’s as popular now as it was generations ago. In fact, many modern family entertainment centers include a roller skating rink, which makes a roller skating rink franchise opportunity with Starlite Family Fun Center something you might want to consider.

Fun and Profit Can Go Hand-in-Hand
As more and more families look for economical, convenient, and safe ways to entertain themselves, it may come as little surprise to learn that our industry is booming. In fact, the family entertainment center industry is projected to be worth nearly $41 billion by 2025. That’s just six short years away! At Starlite, we’ve capitalized on this market by developing a business model that incorporates multiple streams of revenue. That means as a Starlite franchisee, you’ll be able to offer your customers any number of ways to have fun — from roller skating, to arcade games, to laser tag and more. Our indoor playgrounds are perfect for the younger members of a family, and our menu of old-fashioned meals and snacks, like hot dogs, pretzels, and funnel cakes, will appeal to all ages. With a Starlite roller skating rink franchise, you’ll become a beloved member of your community, as more and more of its members discover just how easy it is to enjoy themselves in a variety of ways, all under one roof.

Over Three Decades of Fun
Starlite is like no other family fun center franchise opportunity. Why is that? Because we’ve been in the fun business for over 35 years, and we know a thing or two about how to put smiles on faces. Our franchise model is inspired by the roller skating rinks run by our family over three decades ago, and today our dedicated team members are experts in real estate development and construction, finance and software tools, and fun center décor, build-out, and lighting, among many other important aspects of running a fun center. Furthermore, we’re proud to say we go the distance when it comes to supporting our franchisees. When you open a roller skating rink franchise with us, you can count on expert training and support that includes complete pre-opening training programs, professional marketing guidance and materials, and access to our confidential operations manual to guide your day-to-day business functions, among many other benefits. We’ve done everything we can to enable our franchisees to take advantage of an industry that’s exciting, rewarding, and growing. Are you ready to be part of the fun?

If the idea of a roller skating rink franchise appeals to you and you’d like to learn more about the growth of our industry, contact us today.