More Fun for More People — Where to Set Up Your Franchise Location

Franchising with Starlite Family Fun Center is a unique opportunity to become a favorite member of your business community. After all, you’re providing your city or town with the chance to have fun on a regular basis — and who doesn’t want that? But in order to be successful at it you must first identify a franchise location that will be easy to find, serve the most people, and be large enough to put all that fun under one roof! Fortunately, our real estate experts will help you with that discovery process. But let’s take a look at some of the things you’ll need to consider when choosing a site, as well as some ideal places for your Starlite Family Fun Center.

franchise location

Think Big and Think Families

Before you go exploring your options it’s helpful to remember that, first and foremost, you’re going to need a space that’s large enough to accommodate all that a Starlite Family Fun Center has to offer. That means the real estate you settle on must have the square footage to fit a roller rink, a laser tag arena, and an arcade, among other amenities. Finding a space this large can feel daunting, but it’s certainly not impossible, especially with our help. Often times, venues like these can be found in the suburbs, where families live and where space is more available. And this leads us to a second important point: you’ll want to make sure that wherever you settle, you’re located in an area that’s family-oriented. We’ll help you analyze valuable demographic data that will help you identify the markets of a given community, so that you’re sure be serving as many families as possible!

Think Shopping Malls and Convenience

When possible, locating your Starlite Family Fun Center near a busy mall is a great idea. Why? Well for one thing, our centers operate like malls, in that we offer a menu of choices under one roof. Customers who are visiting malls are already in the mindset of one-stop shopping, and they like the idea of multiple options for multiple tastes or interests. Also, malls generate heavy foot traffic and shopping them is often viewed as a recreational activity by families, especially on the weekends. And malls tend to be centrally located, with plenty of parking, making it easier for people to find your franchise location.

Think “New” in New Development Areas

When you open your Starlite Family Fun Center in an area of new development you’re truly taking advantage of everything that location has to offer from the ground up! Because these areas are being newly built up, leasing a building from the developers will allow you to take advantage of brand new systems, and they’ll likely be incorporating the latest in energy-saving techniques and technologies — all of which translates into savings for you as the business owner! New development areas also naturally attract attention and curiosity, making for great exposure.

No matter where you choose to locate your Starlite Family Fun Center, we’ll make sure to guide you every step of the way! Contact us today for more information!