Get Prepared for Success with Franchise Training and Support!

As any business owner will tell you, going into business for yourself can be exciting, rewarding, and maybe even a little bit scary at times. After all, as a business owner, the buck literally and figuratively stops with you, and that can mean a lot of responsibility and stress. This is especially true if you’re starting your small business from scratch. And while many new business owners are comfortable with this level of entrepreneurship, others are not — which is why a franchise opportunity is perfect for them! Why? Because in addition to everything a franchise brand has to offer, one of its main advantages is the franchise support new owners receive when they invest in a brand. The Starlite Family Fun Center franchise is certainly no exception.

Let’s take a look at three reasons why the initial and ongoing training and support you’ll receive from us is such an important aspect of your investment.

A Lot of the Guesswork Goes Away

There are many advantages to the franchise business model, but one of the most important is consistency. We have 35 years of business experience, so when it comes to our brand, we know what works and what doesn’t. We’re committed to our franchise support because we know it helps take a lot of the guesswork out of what owning a business entails. Our pre-opening training programs, our established vendor relationship-building, and our in-depth operations manual are just a few of the ways we prepare our franchisees for success. The bottom line is, The Starlite Family Fun Center franchise brand is only as successful as each of our franchisees, and maintaining brand consistency through franchise support is vital to our continued growth!

training and support

You Don’t Go It Alone

New businesses are inherently riskier to operate than established ones. They have all sorts of obstacles to overcome as they grow roots and settle into their communities. So, imagine what an advantage you’d have as a new owner if you had a team of professionals with decades of experience behind you — guiding you, advising you, and making the latest in technology and support available to you. Well, that’s exactly what you do have when you invest in a Starlite Family Fun Center franchise! Before you open, you’ll receive advice on site selection, equipment, construction, and build-out. After your doors open, you’ll enjoy ongoing assistance, including field visits, refresher trainings, and remote support. In short, you’re not alone! Our franchise support makes sure of that.

Getting the Word Out

It’s one thing to open your doors for business; it’s another to get folks to walk through those doors! But don’t worry — our franchise support system includes expert marketing advice that will allow you to identify and target the demographic you’ll want to reach. Our years of experience has resulted in sophisticated marketing materials that we’ll help you use to build a campaign that’ll create a buzz in your community!


Investing in a Starlite Family Fun Center franchise is a great way to go into business for yourself without a lot of the risk associated with entrepreneurship. Contact us today if you’d like to learn more!