At Starlite, There Are Lots of Ways to Have Fun

A Starlite Family Fun Center is just that — lots of fun! When families visit our Centers, they know they’ll have lots of activities to choose from, all under one roof, and all delivered safely and affordably. Fun franchise opportunities are a great way to capitalize on a robust market and become your own boss, but not all of them are as fun as ours. Let’s look at some of the revenue streams you’ll gain access to with our business model when you become part of the Starlite family and how they translate into good times for your community.

Roller Skating: At the Heart of a Starlite Family Fun Center

Over 35 years ago, we began building the Starlite name by operating our family-owned roller skating rinks. We saw then what kind of enjoyment they brought our community, and today, they are at the heart of our Centers, as they continue to provide hours of fun for all ages. When you invest in your own Starlite Family Fun Center, you’ll not only be able to offer this beloved pastime to your community, you’ll also be able to take advantage of the add-ons that come with it, like skate rentals, sales, and skating lessons. And our business model includes thorough training and support that will help you find and build out the perfect location for your skating rink, so you’ll be ready to welcome your customers successfully from the moment you open your doors.

Indoor Playgrounds: For the Smaller Members of a Community

We mean it when we say there is something for everyone at a A Starlite Family Fun Center, including the youngest members of your community.  As a Starlite franchisee, you’ll feel good about offering them the chance to jump, swing, slide, and bounce in our safe indoor playgrounds. Younger children love the two stories of fun colors and variety, while parents enjoy the peace of mind that comes with soft surfaces and indoor activities that are protected from the elements and that are easy to supervise.

Arcade Games: Take Home Some Family Fun Souvenirs

We pride ourselves in standing out from other fun franchise opportunities by offering a variety of ways that families can come together and play! One of our most popular Starlite attractions found at each one of our locations is the arcade area. Here’s where your customers can choose from dozens of video and redemption games that provide hours of entertainment for both young and old alike. And when game tickets are redeemed for cool toys and prizes at our Stuff Shop, your customers not only go home with wonderful memories, but a souvenir of their Starlite experience.


If you’re interested in finding out more about fun franchise opportunities and how Starlite stands above the competition, get in touch  with us today.

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