Do I Need Experience to Open a Franchise with Starlite?

Opening a roller rink franchise is easier than you might think when you partner with the experts at Starlite Family Fun Centers. We work with franchisees from a wide range of backgrounds – you don’t need career experience in the family entertainment industry to build a business with us! The franchising process allows us to offer training, support, and guidance that independent business owners can’t enjoy. All of these resources help new business owners grow their business with the confidence that comes with being backed by a national brand. Let’s take a closer look at how we help our franchisees to thrive.

roller rink franchise resume

We Look for Qualified Investors

While family entertainment experience isn’t necessary to run a Starlite roller rink franchise, there are a number of other qualities we look for in our franchisees. For instance, we want our franchise partners to be dedicated to ensuring their business runs smoothly. Whether they opt to become owner/operators or delegate daily management out to trusted employees, we want them to stay informed about their day-to-day business and get involved to make improvements. We also look for franchisees who are well-prepared to manage the financial aspect of the investment. We try to set franchisees up for success by ensuring they have enough liquid capital on-hand to manage the investment without dramatically impacting their quality of life. To learn more about the costs associated with opening a Starlite Family Fun Center, contact us!

Training to Operate Your Roller Rink Franchise

Since our franchisees come from many backgrounds, there’s no particular skillset we look for. We’ve developed a comprehensive training program that’s designed to get all of our franchisees up to speed on what it takes to own and operate a Starlite Family Fun Center. You’ll learn the basics of record keeping, our point of sale system, maintaining your facility, and other important operational tasks. We even provide you with marketing guidance, so you can effectively spread the word about your new business!

We Know Family Fun

Opening a roller rink franchise with Starlite Family Fun Centers is a lot easier than going it alone. In addition to roller skating, there are many other fun activities to be found at each of our franchises. Birthday party areas, laser tag, and arcades are also popular attractions. It can be difficult for newcomers to establish a business of this magnitude for many reasons: how do you decide which arcade games to invest in? Where do you turn to purchase bulk quantities of roller skates? What type of location is well-suited to house all of these attractions? Starlite Family Fun Centers have been around for more than 35 years, and when you partner with us, you’ll enjoy the benefit of our decades of expertise. We can help you build a roller rink franchise your community will want to visit and keep operations as efficient as possible.

As you can see, having little experience in family entertainment doesn’t hinder our investors from owning and operating a roller rink franchise. Learn more about our brand by visiting us online!