A Starlite Franchise Lets You Live the Life You Want

When you decide to go into business for yourself, there are two ways of going about that: you can start your small business from scratch, and take on all the responsibility that goes along with that, or you can make a franchise investment in a brand that appeals to you. There are lots of advantages to taking the latter approach, especially when you invest in an indoor amusement franchise like Starlite Family Fun Center. Our proven business model, our team of franchise experts, and our franchisee training and support, are all benefits that let you do business while living the life you’ve always wanted. Keep on reading to find out how that happens.

Less Guesswork Means More Free Time

Many owners who start their small business from scratch will find out pretty quickly that their time is no longer their own. They must spend most of it figuring out the details of how to run their businesses successfully. Not so when you make a franchise investment with Starlite! While it’s true that all new businesses, even franchises, require their owners to put in a good deal of time and effort into establishing them, when you become a Starlite franchisee, you immediately buy into a trusted business model that takes a lot of the guesswork out of how to run your fun center. Our system is based on over 35 years of experience, time we’ve spent figuring out what works and what doesn’t — and we pass all that expertise on to you. You won’t fall victim to trial and error because we’ve already done that for you! We know what customers want, where to find them, and how to offer them the family-friendly activities they’ve come to expect from a Starlite fun center. And because you’ll spend less time figuring things out, you’ll have more time to have exactly what it is you’re offering others — fun! You can spend time away from work with family and friends, or take time for yourself to pursue other interests or responsibilities. The point is, you won’t be tied down 24/7 to your work, and that’s something most everyone would love to say about their own lives.

You’re the Boss

We bet there aren’t too many folks out there who wouldn’t love to be the boss — of their time and also of their work environment. But the boss is exactly what you’ll be when you become the owner of an indoor amusement franchise with us. And while it’s true you’ll need to follow some brand guidelines and utilize corporate materials that are part of our culture, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to make your business your own, by hiring who you want, focusing on what you want, and making decisions about your business that only you, the boss, can make. Once your fun center is established, you’ll be free to invest as little or as much time at work as you want, because you’ll be able to delegate tasks and responsibilities to others.


All in all, when you open a Starlite Family Fun Center, you’ll be starting a rewarding career in a robust industry, putting smiles on the faces of people in your community, and living the life you’ve always dreamed — all at the same fun-filled time.


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