4 Great Reasons to Choose a Starlite Family Fun Center

Family entertainment franchises present exciting opportunities to open a business in a thriving industry. However, not all franchise offerings are created equal. Starlite Family Fun has been in business for decades, and we know just what it takes to help franchisees get their new businesses up and running as efficiently as possible. Let’s take a closer look at a few of the reasons Starlite Family Fun stands out from the rest.

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Multiple Entertainment Options Under One Roof

When you purchase a Starlite Family Fun Center, you’re not just purchasing a roller rink – you’re purchasing a comprehensive venue that’s got something for everyone! Whether the families in your area are looking for laser tag, an arcade, a skating rink, or an event space, you’ll be able to offer them just what they need. In fact, research shows that diversified gaming and entertainment options are actually driving our industry’s growth. Purchasing one of our family entertainment franchises will allow you to offer a wide range of the latest arcade games, a major draw for families today.

A Community Fixture

Starlite family entertainment franchises offer a wide variety of activities under one roof and are significantly less expensive than admission to a large outdoor amusement park. This makes our franchises perfect destinations for families looking for casual entertainment on a weekend. It also makes us popular destinations for birthday parties, where families can utilize our event space to host private gatherings before enjoying the rest of our facilities. Activities like these establish our franchises as community fixtures, helping our franchisees build repeat business through positive experiences and word-of-mouth.

Top-Notch Training and Support

Most Starlite Family Fun Center franchisees don’t come from a background in family entertainment! Indeed, we work with investors from a wide range of backgrounds. All of them were able to get their businesses up and running thanks to the comprehensive training and support program we’ve designed. With our help, you’ll learn the basics of how to operate a Starlite Family Fun Center. We’ll be there to support you along the way by answering your questions, helping you find just the right location, assisting as you remodel it to our specifications, and providing marketing advice. We’ll even work with you right in your own location for one week before your grand opening! With support like this, we think you’ll find it’s easier than ever to open a Family Fun Center of your own.

A Beloved Brand for Family Entertainment Franchises

Starlite family entertainment franchises have been in business for more than 35 years. In that time, we’ve established ourselves as a well-loved brand among our customers. When you become a franchisee, you’ll enjoy all of the benefits that go along with operating under our name brand. “Starlite” is already synonymous with “fun” for many Americans, and, with our help, you can expand our brand to an entirely new community of families looking for fun!

Starlite stands out from other family entertainment franchises for a variety of reasons. To learn more about how we support our franchisees, contact us today!