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Our Training and Support Means Just That — Guaranteed!

One of the unique benefits of going into business as a franchisee, as compared to starting your efforts from scratch, is the franchise training and support you’ll receive as part of your investment in a brand. At Starlite Family Fun Center, we take great pride in the way we prepare and guide our franchisees, as…

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Open a Fun Center and Become Part of the Fun

children’s party franchise

If you’re thinking of making a career change and want to wake up in the morning looking forward to going to work, family fun entertainment franchises might just be your ticket. Investing in a Starlite Family Fun Center is a great opportunity to be your own boss, take advantage of a robust industry, and become…

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Skating is Still Good Old Fashioned Fun in a Modern Day World

Many of us have childhood memories of roller skates, whether we were the ones wearing them or not. We associate roller skates with good clean fun, with times gone by, and with wholesome family values. Today, you might be happy to know that while the pastime of roller skating is an old and established one,…

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